KGE Major Yearly Events

1. Professional Development Workshop Series:  This event consists of four to five lectures given by members of the faculty and outside speakers in the Fall semesters. It is intended to help graduate students in their professional development such as grant writing, job application, etc. 

2. The KGE Annual Research Day: The event take places every Spring and holds a panel of students presenting their research to the faculty, peers and the general public. 

3. The Poetry Night: This is an event where students from all language backgrounds present either translated poetry or their originally written poetry in both the original language and English. Awards are given to both the best original work and the best translation.   

4. Additionally, we support the Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Annual Scholarships Awards Reception by helping organize and run the event.


Past KGE Events

Dr. Warren Motte Guest Lectures & Talks




Mr. Grant Moak - Assistant Attorney General from the State of Oklahoma 11/12/2015



Career Workshop - Dr. Robert Lemon "Why We Need Theory"